The Grand Touch Executive (GTE) was the first phone where I used stone like polymers.  I also designed a unique mechanism to insert and remove SIM cards mimicking mechanical watch movements.  (

October 30th, 2012: With the longest development for any Mobiado phone, today Mobiado announces the Grand Touch Executive.  Showcasing the uniqueness and creativity Mobiado is famous for; the Grand Touch Executive is the first phone to use a SIM card mechanism and the first to be created from a stone hybrid material.   
When a creation is achieved through imaginative and technical skill, it becomes an object of art.  With design influenced by industrial machinery and engineering instruments, Mobiado has created a global reputation as the most respected, iconic name in the world of luxury mobile phones.  This contemporary art ethos paired with raw industrial design has become the fabric of Mobiado’s DNA, known simply as Engineering Art. 
Material: A history of being first. 
One April 6th 2010, Mobiado created a concept phone called the CPT001.  Staying on the cutting edge of design required the freedom to push the limits of what a luxury phone can be.  The CPT001 concept phone was crafted from one piece of solid marble.  Two and half years later, the Grand Touch Executive is a realization of that concept as the first phone to use a hybrid stone material.   
Combining high technology precision manufacturing with the beauty and warmth of nature, Mobiado phones are creative communication tools that are designed to look and feel that way.   This achievement is only the latest from a long history of material firsts: 
2004: The Professional was the first CNC machined phone to be created from aircraft aluminum. 2005: The Professional EM was the first exotic wood phone to be produced.   2007: The Luminoso was the first phone to use sapphire crystal buttons. 2008: The Professional 105ZAF was the first phone to have its entire front and back created from sapphire crystal. 2009: The Grand 350PRL was the first phone to use mother of pearl 2009: The Grand 350 Pioneer was the first phone to use meteorite. 2010: The Classic 712 MG was the first phone made from Mokume Gane. 2012: The Grand Touch Executive is the first phone to use a hybrid stone material. 
The Body: Exceptional design and pioneering spirit. 
Crafted in the same process as technical instruments, Mobiado phones are more than simply phones, they are precision mobile instruments.  The Grand Touch Executive body is CNC machined from solid materials (exotic wood or stone hybrid material) and bonded into an aircraft aluminum composite (patent pending).  The back center panel and buttons are crafted from sapphire crystal, combining for a total 50 Carats.  The back sapphire panel displays three windows; camera, LED flash, and the SIM card mechanism.
On the front of the phone an aluminum edge is left visible to represent Mobiado’s pioneering spirit from 2004 with the world’s first CNC machined aluminum phone.  The Grand Touch Executive is available in 5 styles: Burl, Cocobolo, Ebony, Granite, and Marble. 
SIM Key & Mechanism: Unlocking Creativity. 
The SIM card key is an entry into Mobiado’s mechanical world of creativity.  The key allows the user to become part of the mechanical experience.   The SIM card movement is precision assembled from complicated stainless steel components and is accessed with the specialized Mobiado Key. 
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